The Ultimate Guide to Golf Club Matching is Now Available

How to Match Your Golf Clubs
and Develop a Single Swing Rather than 13
About the Book

The average handicap of golfers has hovered around 17 for the past 40 years. Is this in part because outdated methodology such as swingweight is being used on modern clubs? This book puts the final nail in the coffin of swingweight. BioMatch, a revolutionary method of matching golf clubs within a set and to a golfer of a particular build, is introduced as a replacement. The golf industry has acknowledged that it has a problem with recruitment. Will it ever acknowledge that it has a problem with how golf clubs are built? Could the lack of recruitment and the discrepancies in the way that clubs are matched today be related?
Get the book and find out the answers to these questions and more, along with what BioMatch is and how it will take your game to new levels.

How to Match Your Golf Clubs Documents:

"Apparatus for Measuring Moments of Golf Clubs and the Like": U.S. Swingweight Patent from 1934

BioMatch Input Form (U.S. Letter-Size)

Driver Weight Optimization Spreadsheet

Illustration of various body fat percentages

"Method and System for Golf Club Weight Adjustment": U.S. Patent 9,067,107 B2

"Method and System for Matching Golf Clubs to a Specific User": U.S. Patent 9,022,878 B2

"Selectable Weight Assembly for Golf Clubs": U.S. Patent 9,861,871 B2

"Selectable Weight Assembly for Golf Clubs (Tensile)": U.S. Patent 9,539,481 B2

"Scientific Matching of Golf Clubs"

Additional Documents for the Audible book version:

1.1 Tennis Racket MOI Instrument

2.2 Forces on a Golf Club

2.3 Swingweight MOIG Chart

5.1 Importance of Mass and MOIG

5.2 Proportionality Constants

5.7 Poster Presentation

5.8 PGA Merchandise Show

6.1 Input Sheet

6.2 Body Fat Monitor

6.3 Body Fat Illustration

6.4 Measure Club Length

6.5 MOIG Instrument

6.6 Shaft Access Tool

6.7 SAT in Electric Screwdriver

6.8 Inserting Weight

8.1 20 shots in the middle

9.1 Driver Mass Optimization

10.1 Traditional MOI Instrument

Gisle Solhaug


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