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BioMatch, The Holy Grail of Golf

By Gisle Solhaug |

Proper fitting of golf clubs is critical.  However, the Holy Grail of club building has always been to make a set of clubs in which the golfer can apply the same consistent swing to all the clubs.  Swingweight was introduced as a solution to this problem almost a hundred years ago.  Since then the industry has given up on finding a scientifically sound way of matching golf clubs.  BioMatch is the only scientific solution to matching your golf clubs within the set and to your body.  After applying BioMatch, you will effortlessly increase your accuracy and distance.  Club Fitters should implement BioMatch as the final step in the fitting process.  Golfers can easily implement BioMatch to their golf clubs at the Rational Golf website.

The moment of inertia around the center of the grip is measured using the MOIG instrument, or the BioMatch program will estimate it for you based on the other properties of the clubs. The club data is entered in the BioMatch algorithm online together with the golfer's height, weight, and fat percentage.  The website will then build a model of the golfer swinging each club and thereby calculate the optimum weight to be added to the grip end of each club.  Once the weights are installed the golfer´s game will improve effortlessly as accuracy and distance are improved.  Weights are easily installed using the Shaft Access Tool.

As you now only have to learn and ingrain one consistent swing in your subconscious mind, you will find the game much easier to play.  If you have been absent from the game for a while, you will be able to pick it up again much faster.  Tiger Woods comes to mind as someone’s life BioMatch would change if given the opportunity.  Golfers at any level will benefit from BioMatch.  If you play for money, or you are keen on improving your game, it is a no-brainer.

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