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So far we have matched about 250 golfers with the revolutionary BioMatch system.  Typically 20 handicappers start playing five strokes under their handicap after a few rounds of golf.  We have fitted about twenty serious junior players; they all post better scores and do better in tournaments instantaneously. 

BioMatch is a computer application, available at www.rational-golf.com, which creates a model of your body swinging your clubs.  It thereby determines the exact weight to be added to the grip end of each of your clubs for you to use the same swing for all your clubs.  The tailored set of weights is specified in the BioMatch report and is then ready for order.

After having the tailored BioMatch weights fitted in your shafts, you will notice a difference in how the clubs feel when you swing them.  Before your first game with your “new” clubs, we suggest a session at the driving range to get a feel for how they swing.  When hitting balls at the range try to relax your wrists and trust the clubs without trying to steer the club head.  Some golfers will experience an instant improvement in ball striking.  Others will only notice a slight improvement during the first round, but then continue to improve over time as the subconscious mind is getting used to only handling one swing rather than 13. Some golfers report that the clubs feel weird the first day, then the next day they cannot even feel that the weights are there.

The overall mass of a golf club affects how fast the hands move in the downswing.  The moment of inertia around the center of your grip (MOIG) of a golf club affects how quickly the club releases, or swings around the hands.  Specifying and applying the correct ratio between MOIG and Mass of each club will match the clubs so that the hands will be in the proper position at impact.  Once the golfer achieves a good swing with one club, the good swing will automatically transfer to every club in a set matched by BioMatch.  That is how BioMatch makes you hit more fairways and greens and lower your scores.

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